2 in 1 Frying Pan & Egg Boiler
2 in 1 Frying Pan & Egg Boiler
2 in 1 Frying Pan & Egg Boiler
2 in 1 Frying Pan & Egg Boiler
2 in 1 Frying Pan & Egg Boiler
2 in 1 Frying Pan & Egg Boiler
2 in 1 Frying Pan & Egg Boiler
2 in 1 Frying Pan & Egg Boiler

2 in 1 Frying Pan & Egg Boiler

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  • Make tasty omelets, fried eggs, fried fish, dumplings, pancakes, and boil up to 7 eggs (Single Pan style) or 14 eggs (Double Pan style)  at a time easily with this multi-function frying and steaming machine.
  • New compact design, time and energy saving, safe and convenient, and easy to clean.
  • The round design of the non-stick coated pan distributes the heat uniformly and allows healthy cooking.
  • Manufactured from high-quality nonstick and plastic material.
  • The ergonomic plastic handle fits your palm perfectly and the transparent cover provides safety while allowing 100% visibility.

Breakfast is the most important meal - it gives you the energy you need just when you’re starting your day. Yet, most people tend to skip breakfast because of time constraints. In the rush of the morning, even boiling an egg can seem challenging. And if you’re a perfectionist when it comes to having a soft or a hard-boiled egg, the process can seem even more difficult. Egg Boilers make this job easy and give you control over your eggs. 

Perfect for a brunch party

Double layered to enable users to boil 14 eggs in one go, this Egg Boiler makes for a party favorite equipment. It not only helps you save time by boiling eggs quickly but it also convenient to use. All you need to do is add water, plug it in and you're sorted. What’s even more special is that one section can also be used as a steamer in case you’re only going to use one section to boil eggs. This makes it easy to steam vegetables or even make steamed desserts. If you’re looking for a device that can help you multitask then this egg boiler is the right choice for you.

Boils eggs without a worry

Multi-functional to help you save time in the kitchen, this compact device cooks eggs the way you want, without having to keep a watch on it. Once you add water according to the hardness of the boiled eggs you want, you’re free to move on to other work until the Egg Boiler cuts off automatically to signal that your eggs are done. This is not only a hassle-free way of boiling eggs but also safe as the device is equipped with double thermal protection. This product is perfect for use in busy kitchens.

Now, perfect eggs are just a step away

This Instant Egg Boiler comes packed with many user-friendly features. It operates automatically by cutting-off the machine when your eggs are ready - all you need to do is place eggs into the Egg Boiler after piercing them with the egg needle and select your desired mode [hard, medium, or soft], pour the required amount of water and switch the machine on. Its stainless steel body and heating plate help in boiling the eggs faster than ever. With its user-friendliness and reliability, this device is a great choice for your kitchen.



  • Put some water in the plate of the boiler base (add water according to the instruction manual) and then place the egg holder.
  • Keep the eggs on the egg holder and cover the upper lid at last (the amount of water will determine the egg tenderness).
  • Connect the plug to power; press the indicator button, the indicator will display light, which means the egg boiler starts working.
  • When water runs out, the egg boiler will automatically turn off and eggs will be ready to serve.

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